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യേശുവേ നിലവിളി…

യേശുവേ നിലവിളി കേട്ടീടണേ Prof. Koshy Thalakal A prayer song written and composed by Prof. Koshy Thalakal, author of Nanmayallathonnum, Daivame Ninakku Sthothram and many other christian devotionals. Orchestration by Jubin Jacob Kochupurackan Sung by Rays Koshy Song is published by Athmavision Christian channel.
O Sacred head, Now

O SACRED HEAD, NOW – Virtual Choir formed by a few talents in Trivandrum, Kerala. Achu, Nina, Boney, Jonathan, Thomas, Jongee, Royce, Subin are young talents in Trivandrum. They all sing in the Christ Church Trivandrum Choir. Kenny supported them on the organ. He edited the video too. Original Youtube link to this video is […]
Prof. Koshy Thalakal

Prof. Koshy Thalakal – Let us survive നമുക്ക് അതിജീവിക്കാം Prof. Koshy Thalakal is a Bible preacher, expositor and song writer who has composed around 200 Christian devotional songs. Many of his songs including Nanmayallathonnum, Daivame Ninankku sthothram and Ninnilaaswaasam are popular among the malayali Christian community world over and many of his songs have been […]

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